What I can do

If you need anything web-related, chances are I can do it. The best thing to do is to get in touch with some specifics. In the meantime, here are some examples of what I can do:

  • designing a website for an individual, for instance a writer’s website
  • setting up a company’s online shopping website, with online payment facilities
  • analysing an existing website for usability problems and presenting a list of recommendations to fix them
  • fixing faulty code

What I’ve done

Here is a selection of my work:

What I cost

As a freelance operator, I charge a competitive rate. Each project is different, so please contact me to discuss your requirements.

As a ballpark figure, a standard information website (a few simple pages, no payment facilites, etc.), is likely to start in the region of £750. Online shops are likely to be twice that. Beware of “pile-’em-high” operators who churn out cheap websites by the dozen.

I may be able to help charitable or not-for-profit groups—especially Herefordshire or Marches community organisations—through offering reduced rates for web design on a discretionary basis.

Let us be under no illusions that you could probably get your next-door neighbour’s son who “does computers” to knock you up a website for £450. Fine, if you want to keep costs down at all—er—costs, go for that option. Does your IT student, though, have any concept of usability? accessibility? design-content separation? Will he/she be using coding methods that fell out of favour in 1999? How will you know, until you see zero returns on your website?

You get what you pay for. And I’m sure that if you pay for me—a UK web developer—you’ll get a quality product. (Of course, I would say that, so please check out for yourself the work I’ve done.)